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Very fun game, like the how real you made the old tv! Brings back memories when i'm played console on old TV's. -Great game Tesla-


i loved this gme


Great game :D

Thanks for the video ;)

anytime :D

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Admired it a lot!


there could be an alternative ending for the 2nd run (edit: referring to the textbubble ;) )


the option to send this html game to a friend who has to take over 


Nice suggestions man. Honestly I had to go on and work on my next game. There are some unfinished ones, I should focus to finish them first ;)


Awesome little game with great music. I love the retro style effect you have managed to create for the TV as well!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thats the end :(


This was absolutely adorable and charming! I loved the music and the aesthetic. You did a great job of making a simple, short story fun and interesting!

Oh, and give your cat some love from me! 


THAT'S SO EPIC! I record a video of this game and the easter egg are fantastic! I hope you can be a famous programmer.


AHHH this game is very good! the story is cute, and the music is VERRYY GOOD it makes me even more motivated lol

and it's cool how you made this out of that little idea you had in the beginning, you made it really cool and interesting :))


Awesome game! Love it! 

Very cute! Simple but nonetheless satisfying! :)


Wow... I love this game!

The TV aesthetic, channel 7 ;), the story, its all so good!

Thank you. I'm very glad you liked it ;)