Follow the green indicator which shows the next checkpoint.  Stay inside the checkpoints to collect them. Get cash, upgrade your vehicle and restart for the next drive!

* There is a bug in leaderboards in webgl version. Will be fixed in the next update. (Fixed, happy scoring!)


  • Your only input is Left-Right and use Turbo. 
  • Keyboard: Arrow keys or (A-D) keys for navigation. X or Space for Turbo.
  • Gamepad: Left-Right buttons or Analog stick for nav. Button A for Turbo. 
  • Game has gamepad support but you still need mouse  for menu navigation.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorÖmer Akyol
Made withUnity
TagsRetro, Synthwave
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)

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why not post it to steam for like 1$?

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It was initially made to be played on browsers. For Kongregate and Newgrounds. I always thought Steam is an upper level market and there is no room for tiny arcade games. Maybe I'm mistaken :)



what an amazing and simple peace of art. I couldn't stop playing whole day. Well done tesla!

thanks pal. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game. Good luck at the leaderboard! ;)

On controller these are the controls: 

Xbox Controller: Left Analog Stick(L3) - Move, A Button - Boost, B Button - Self-Destruct

PlayStation Controller: Left Analog Stick(L3) - Move, X Button - Boost, Circle Button - Self-Destruct

-Very nice controls!


I have returned to playing this beautiful creation after half a year and it's amazing. the only issue I can currently find is the fact that the car sounds like a gas car, even though it's meant to be a tesla if I remember correctly. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

The police cars are Audi Quattro and they were the main player car in the beginning. Game was supposed to be a rally game of Group B. But things happened and they ended up being police pursuit cars. Then player car became a Lamborghini Countach. 

ok srry im stupid i guess


It's rare when I play a game so good I'm like "This should come pre-installed with Windows."

question: what does traction upgrade do?


hi, reply is little late :) . traction increase the tires friction so you don't drift too much and make sharp turns. 

its fine thanks :D

This game is absolutely amazing. I can play this for hours on end and not get bored. but one thing is, can you make the sirens shut up when you die? my ears are dying as I'm typing this lol.

Hahah :D , well you can turn of the sfx from the settings as soon as you die :P ... ok. noted this down. 


Really good game, I love the music and the graphics go really well with this synthwave style.


AMAZING GAME! My only complaint is there is some lag after 3 checkpoints and all box tower were smashed.

Damn, I was lazy and didn't make enough performance optimizations back in the day. They will be fixed with the next update on 2030 :) . btw I banned you with a mistake, I was trying to reply your comment, luckily I reverted it back in no time. 


Very addictive game! The upgrade system really did it for me.

Thank you for playing. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game. You may try it on Android and Ios as well. Anroid version is ad-free, Ios version will be ad-free soon. 


Very entertaining game, I enjoyed it very much!

One thing, when I reach more than 7 checkpoints approx. my game starts to lag due to the sheer numbers of physics objects on screen. But aside from that yeah, I like it!

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The problem is, a system behind is deleting those objects at some point but apparently it lags the system. Next update will fix this hopefully.

Looks great and the drifting and controls feel really good! Enjoyed the game a lot.

Thank you. I'm happy that you liked it. Check here time to time for the next update. I'm updating mobile version now. Then I will update the PC version. ;)  



Hi! I was wondering if it would be cool with you if your game ended up in Flashpoint. Flashpoint is basically an online game archive/museum with the main focus being on archiving Flash games, but other technologies are supported. If not, I won't waste anymore of your time but if you are, you can read more at:

Thank you for your time!

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Yea, it would be cool. :)


Thank you! I submitted it to Flashpoint! :)

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be careful using music ressembling queen music you could get into trouble. Otherwise i love the game and aesthetics. It's a bit anoying when you get wrecked by a car that was offscreen. Suggestion: add a handbrake. Great game!

I got permission from the music owner and its licenced. But I'm not sure if he got permission from the Queen :)

Really fun! Reminded me a lot of "Skidmarks" on the Amiga. I couldn't get more than 8 checkpoints, but it felt like a game where you could still improve with practice. (Up to a point; eventually pursuers hitting you out of nowhere at Mach 10 is pretty much just random.)

A few suggestions:

  • Second earlier comment about steering, and what I really wanted was braking and manual acceleration. I appreciate that this is a deliberate constraint, but doing the checkpoint-to-checkpoint run in less than 12 standard parsecs is kind of useless if you then have to spend 30 seconds doing donuts before you can stay in the circle.
  • It wasn't clear to me what the checkpoint rule was; is it uninterrupted time or total time that counts?
  • The damage effect felt constant - you took the same amount whether nudging someone in a slow turn or in a full-speed head-on collision. Maybe misinterpreting though.
  • Feels like it would benefit from a visual cue with a bit more oomph when you die.
  • "PRESS ACTION TO START"? You don't say what the ACTION key is!

* As long as you stay in the circle it fills the bar (the flag turns to green) and the moment you left the circle it starts to decay. I agree these should be more obvious. 

* Damage is calculated with the collision magnitude with some minimum and maximum caps. 

* Still missing lots of feedback and juice. Death animation is one of them. Your 4 wheels dismantle when you die but still not very obvious, because they are so small. 

* ACTION is Ctrl or Space in keyboard, and A button or button number 1 in gamepads. I always confuse what to write there, too many things to write in a limited area :D 

Thanks for the suggestions, it is hard to come up with these on my own. 


On the first point, one idea might be to make the first checkpoint a "freebie" (no pursuers yet) so that new players can get the hang of checkpoint rules, reward collection etc  before pursuers start slamming into them.

Excellent idea.

I like that you followed his suggestion, but I think that it should be toggleable so that experienced players can get right into the action.


Awesome! I liked the controls; the precision required to reach a checkpoint feels just fine. When there are too many cars chasing down on you, the sirens tend to get loud & hearing too many sirens at the same time is somewhat distracting. Keep up the great work!

They should be capped yes. :)


Love the graphics, love the feel, love the concept. Would be great on mobile.

I've got a minor complaint:

I had trouble steering left and right, which I guess is intentional, because it adds quite a bit challenge. Although it could be nice to upgrade the steering, to be able to turn your car quicker. Especially when you upgrade your speed and other stuff, I found it very hard to even stick to the checkpoint circle.

Good point. I was also thinking that but I forgot at some point.  The next update would be about steering stuff.  ;)  Thank you man.