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Very entertaining game, I enjoyed it very much!

One thing, when I reach more than 7 checkpoints approx. my game starts to lag due to the sheer numbers of physics objects on screen. But aside from that yeah, I like it!

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The problem is, a system behind is deleting those objects at some point but apparently it lags the system. Next update will fix this hopefully.

Wow, very impressive! I had a blast playing.

Checkout my entry when you get a sec.

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Checked it, cool game bro. Webgl version didn't work for me but played the windows build.

Looks great and the drifting and controls feel really good! Enjoyed the game a lot.

Thank you. I'm happy that you liked it. Check here time to time for the next update. I'm updating mobile version now. Then I will update the PC version. ;)  



Hi! I was wondering if it would be cool with you if your game ended up in Flashpoint. Flashpoint is basically an online game archive/museum with the main focus being on archiving Flash games, but other technologies are supported. If not, I won't waste anymore of your time but if you are, you can read more at:

Thank you for your time!

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Yea, it would be cool. :)


Thank you! I submitted it to Flashpoint! :)

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be careful using music ressembling queen music you could get into trouble. Otherwise i love the game and aesthetics. It's a bit anoying when you get wrecked by a car that was offscreen. Suggestion: add a handbrake. Great game!

Really fun! Reminded me a lot of "Skidmarks" on the Amiga. I couldn't get more than 8 checkpoints, but it felt like a game where you could still improve with practice. (Up to a point; eventually pursuers hitting you out of nowhere at Mach 10 is pretty much just random.)

A few suggestions:

  • Second earlier comment about steering, and what I really wanted was braking and manual acceleration. I appreciate that this is a deliberate constraint, but doing the checkpoint-to-checkpoint run in less than 12 standard parsecs is kind of useless if you then have to spend 30 seconds doing donuts before you can stay in the circle.
  • It wasn't clear to me what the checkpoint rule was; is it uninterrupted time or total time that counts?
  • The damage effect felt constant - you took the same amount whether nudging someone in a slow turn or in a full-speed head-on collision. Maybe misinterpreting though.
  • Feels like it would benefit from a visual cue with a bit more oomph when you die.
  • "PRESS ACTION TO START"? You don't say what the ACTION key is!

* As long as you stay in the circle it fills the bar (the flag turns to green) and the moment you left the circle it starts to decay. I agree these should be more obvious. 

* Damage is calculated with the collision magnitude with some minimum and maximum caps. 

* Still missing lots of feedback and juice. Death animation is one of them. Your 4 wheels dismantle when you die but still not very obvious, because they are so small. 

* ACTION is Ctrl or Space in keyboard, and A button or button number 1 in gamepads. I always confuse what to write there, too many things to write in a limited area :D 

Thanks for the suggestions, it is hard to come up with these on my own. 


On the first point, one idea might be to make the first checkpoint a "freebie" (no pursuers yet) so that new players can get the hang of checkpoint rules, reward collection etc  before pursuers start slamming into them.

Excellent idea.


Awesome! I liked the controls; the precision required to reach a checkpoint feels just fine. When there are too many cars chasing down on you, the sirens tend to get loud & hearing too many sirens at the same time is somewhat distracting. Keep up the great work!

They should be capped yes. :)


Love the graphics, love the feel, love the concept. Would be great on mobile.

I've got a minor complaint:

I had trouble steering left and right, which I guess is intentional, because it adds quite a bit challenge. Although it could be nice to upgrade the steering, to be able to turn your car quicker. Especially when you upgrade your speed and other stuff, I found it very hard to even stick to the checkpoint circle.

Good point. I was also thinking that but I forgot at some point.  The next update would be about steering stuff.  ;)  Thank you man.