Rush down the tower as much as you can before the deadly spikes catch you!

Keyboard : Arrow keys or WASD.
Joystick: Navigation buttons and jump button.


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I'm gonna claim the world record high score, until somebody else with a higher one does. 266.4 is my score! Here's video proof.

Darn. I only got 103.

Prior to getting 266.4 my best was 145.9.  Honestly I think its a combination of skill and luck. Rng has a lot to do with it. Keep trying, one day you'll get to the point where 100 is no sweat (and no, I'm not there yet lol)


wow! thats a nice run! well done. 

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My favorite game lately!

There is a bug where you can pass the spikes if you jump at the beginning!


what a frenetic game!